Thursday, 27 November 2008

Are you sitting comfortably? Then, I'll begin...

Having chosen this weeks topic, it dawned on me quite quickly what a mammoth task I had set for the team. There are squillions of fiction bloggers out there, all hammering out their quirky tales, in a veritable cacophony of creative clattering. The tap-tappety-tap of keyboards echo throughout the ever chaotic avenues of the fictionosphere. So how on earth was I going to be able to pick just one?

Never being one to turn down a challenge, but struggling to single out a sole subject, I made an executive decision. I wasn't going to. So instead of just one choice this week, I am going to cheat, openly, and bring you my top three creative writing blogs. Be grateful, I was going to cover 15...

The author of "Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes" splits her blog into two. The part that I tend to frequent covers her day to day life, living with an eating disorder. The other half of her blog, contains short fiction. Sometimes the two cross over, for example "Anorexia Reunion" is an ironic look at the competitive but solely self-destructive nature of Anorexia Nervosa.

The majority of her fiction is not based upon eating disorders. There are several series, and numerous shorts available to read on her blog. I enjoyed "Zombie Toaster Virus" "How to sell yourself short" and "don't cry out" Vanessa has recently been working on a series of pieces called "Instructions to a young deity" beginning at part 1 and scattered throughout the blog up until the most recent part 14
Some of her older writing includes a series entitled "Things could be worse..." I particularly enjoyed "...if the rain washed away all our pain", "...if my voice was stolen by wolves" and "...if I only had one eye".
I also

I also found another great fiction blog on her blogroll: Told On A Friday which has a veritable fiction-fest for you. I didn't have time to write a post, and read everything on there, however I did enjoy Adventures in Sitting (or The Armchair Romantic) although I'm sure I just identified with the upholstery love, seeing as I have merged into one, with my futon. And I fell in love with Underneath His Hat but you have to read it yourself to find out why.

The last blog I happened across quite by accident, and decided at the last minute that it was worth a mention. Natalia Antonova* is The Dork Angel, and this is her personal blog. Aside from general posts on pretty much life, the world and the Universe, Dork Angel provides an archive of Natalia's own writing. She describes her stories section:
"Some are purely personal anecdotes, like diary entries, others are a little bit more substantial and fleshed out. I am progressing toward something here, am just not sure as to what yet"
There is some dark imagery lurking in Natalia's archives, I got creeped out by Nightmares and found her own take on Fairy Stories to be quite interesting, try The Blunt Mirror. There are also a selection of personal essays, the one which stood out for me was: Natasha From Russia but be warned, the content is quite real and harsh.

Phew, that should keep you busy!

* Natalia also writes a column for the online magazine called Global Comment, which describes itself as one-stop web magazine for all readers who are looking for fresh, independent and eclectic commentaries written by talented writers from all over the world....

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