Monday, 17 November 2008

Week 2 (Teaching) - just a math teacher

I think I've found an exceedingly hidden gem here. The other day, Chapati was kind enough to give me a Blog Award, and I've been following it's progress.

I passed it to Bernice, who passed it on to Big Bad Wolf, who passed it to Earl, who passed it to his sister, Yoda of Math. Currently, she only reads Earl's and their mum's, and I only see evidence of comments from Earl.

Her writing, however, is just how I like it. She talks to you in the way you would tell things to a friend - it gets the point across without being overly emotive or long-winded, or overly clinical/brief.

I think that, given more readers, this blog could be the centre of its own community

So, without further ado, I introduce 'just a math teacher' by Yoda of Math

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