Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Week Two - A Class Act

It appears that teachers are unable to complete their homework. Literally millions* of abandoned projects cluttering up the blogosphere, obviously they missed the lesson on how to tidy up after themselves, huh?

After a frustrating hour of trawling t'interweb, I seriously thought that I was about to become a 404 Not Found. You know that feeling, when you have so many tabs and windows open that you can't remember where you started, where you're going or what you were even looking for in the first place. So I got apon my snobby-bloggy high horse. Too many photos? You are the weakest link, Goodbye! Eughgh black background with red font, what in God's name were you thinking? Oh my word, I do NOT want to see your real face if you look like that! How many Memes have you done? Is this a MEME blog? I don't want to read about your flippin' holiday in Turkey. What is your problem, do you hate your readers? No? Then whats with all the fricking clipart? Huh? Is this 1992?

Then I started getting hyper-bloggy-snobby: Errrm no, I'm sorry, you are a TEACHER. Can you not spell? Hypocrite is spelt with a I not a Y. Can you not consult a dictionary-book? No? Well pee off then with your bad grammar and your spellcheckophobia. And so forth.

I was worried this week might creep over the language barrier into Baby Speakland, with cutsie-wootsie stories of gosh-n-darn it, ain't kids the cutest things? But then I found this blog. A light, (but well thought out), humorous (but not cruel or mocking) gleaming example of blogging at it's best.

"It shouldn't Happen To A Teacher" definitely gets a gold star from me. Actually I liked it so much that I've added it to my Google Reader, and to my Blog Roll. It's the blog of a young maths teacher who describes his favourite things about teaching as
"the holidays, the financial incentives and the encouraging ratio of male to female teachers. Oh and working with kids and inspiring young minds and all that"

The blog used sufficient technical lingo for one to be sure this is a real Teachers blog, as apposed to someone merely pretending to be a teacher (like y'know writing about Home Economics or something) but the reader can understand the posts without needing a degree in Teacherology.

I wanted to pick out my favourite posts to share with you, but honestly I struggled. I made my way down the list, mentally noting: "Oh yes, this one. Oh and this one. Yes this one, this one too" and that was only the most recent page. I thought this post on "Quiz Night", was really sweet in a non-vomit inducing way. The post entitled "Shut Up" made me laugh out loud, and I think we can all identify with "What did you say". Personally I also loved "Standing Out" because I could just picture the scene, and "I'm blind" had me in slightly cringy stitches too.

These are just a few of the more recent posts. He's been blogging for three years now, so you have the whole archives to work your way through. Something to occupy you on the Sunday evening blog-posting lull. After you've done your homework that is.

Lola Snow x
Blog Addict 404


*OK tiny exaggeration

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