Monday, 10 November 2008

Week 1 (Science) - The Culture of Chemistry

OK, here we go. Week 1 reviews are in, and being published as we speak.

After a weekend away, I spent half an hour or so today frantically looking for something, and luckily found this gem very quickly.

Michelle M. Francl is a professor at Bryn Mawr College. She has a knack for explaining things to the lay person. Obviously when it comes to chemistry I am no layperson, but her explanation of protecting groups for instance, is easily understandable.

She also discusses current science related issues (such as the destruction by missile of the toxic hydrazine in an unused sattelite by the US), scientific trivia, such as some facts about carbon dioxide, and the occasional "weird words of science".

Recommended for anybody who wants to expand their general scientific knowledge, regardless of current skill level. Whilst there is a strong tendency towards chemistry, Professor Francl's writing will be of interest to scientists of all types.

From her blogroll, "Stimulating Aliquot" and "Ethics and Science" are worth reading, but I'm not going to put links up - you can go over to The Culture of Chemistry to get the links

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