Thursday, 20 November 2008

Week 2 - Diary of A Trainee Teacher

Like Lola, I too had to sift through lots of very interesting, but unfortunately abandoned, blogs before I found some still live.

A lot of them are really good, but also already quite popular.

However, here is a gem I don't think is very well-known.

Unfortunaltey, with the pressures of a PGCE (and I know how tough they can be seeing as my housemate started one and dissapeared into the world of study, never to be seen again!) she doesn't update very often, but when she does you can tell she is learning - a lot! There is a good mix of 'things I have learnt on the job' posts and 'things I have learnt through research, reading and essay-writing' posts.

Check out Reflection, Wow - it wasn't a fluke, and fail to plan- plan to fail (which is a lesson for us all!) for examples of the former.

Check out Classroom management, SATS scrapped and Universities and Training for examples of the latter.

Update your blogrolls and enjoy!

(On that note, I didn't realise how bad this project would be for me - adding about 7 blogs to the roll a week is very very bad for the amount of time I'm spending reading all the updates! Ah well, I could be addicted to worse things in life...)

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