Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Medic Three/Cheating Death

Where do I start? Honestly I'm not sure. I am 25, married to a beautiful woman, expecting a child in February, and spend my waking hours doing the medical professions dirty work--I am a paramedic. 

Honestly, I find few career choices define you as much as careers in public service like EMS, Law Enforcement, and the Fire service do. EMS is a lifestyle and a tough one at that.

My blogging "career" started 9 months and 203 posts ago with Cheating Death: Start your day with a DOA. Recently I transformed that blog into MedicThree. My call sign for the ambulance service I run with is Medic 3 and it just seemed so fitting that the actuality of my every day life would be the name of my online chronicals of that life. 

Through blogging I have managed to piss people off, meet new people, and most importantly I have found a way to let out the stories and gore that have been the foundations of my "nightmare bank". EMS is a tough line of work--a tough lifestyle, and blogging has really set me free.

Prior to EMS I spent a year in Florida working on a campaign, preceeded by a year working on campaign at home, preceeded and proceeded by a few years of wandering, drinking, and wasting money while in college. Upon returning from Florida my path into EMS was swift, as was my marriage to my incredible wife.

I now reside in a tiny little town, inside a tiny little county just outside of my state's largest city(though not very large). My wife and I spend our free time enjoying good food and wine(well... the wife watches right now... though I'm sure I will be punished sorely after the baby has come), playing with our dogs, planning for baby, and enjoying the outdoors. 

I suppose I have gone farther than my colleagues so I will call this an end. I hope this project really does turn out to be something great--let us know if you have any ideas!

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