Monday, 10 November 2008

Science On The Brain

When I first signed up for this Blog Listings shindig, I thought to myself: Pah, how hard can it be? Really? I spend all day messing about reading blogs, I'm practically an expert. Did I mention in my introduction that quite often I am overconfident, and quite often I am wrong? I knew I was screwed when the first topic was announced. Science.

There are only 2 types of science that I'd ever come into contact with willingly. One was the department at the hospital which gave me a bunch of funny little pills, the Neuroscience Team, and then other was that lesson which I had to attend at school. Y'know the one first thing on a Monday morning. Yes you do, nice comfortable desks, and a slightly dark corner in the back left of the room. Only drawback was that man at the front of the room, who kept wittering on about mass, and forces and stuff.

Yeah well, anyway, I was a bit stumped. Now, Chris kindly helped me out and told me that as long as I could get "a BSc out of it" then I could use it, and if I had any doubts then just to "Go with my gut" Well I wasn't absolutely sure what a BSc was, but I thought I'd figure it out. I realised I had already stumbled across a contending blog a couple of weeks earlier, Dr Shock MD-A Neurostimulating Blog.

Now this is a blog I can get on board with! Mostly science with some extras thrown in. I found posts on some of my favourite topics! There was one on Sex, Video Games and the Brain, and one on Red Wine and Dark Chocolate for Vascular Health

Ha! I know I've got your attention now!

"Wine, Chocolate, Sex and Video games?" you cry, "What can top that?"

Well, there is this post about The musical robot that plays Flight Of The Bumblebee. Or particularly relevant this time of year was Seasonal Affective Disorder and Genes

I was surprised when I discovered this blog, because I think I might quite like science after all. It's not written in a language which is too tricky to understand, so I was alright, but if you're cleverer than I am, then you won't be bored either. And if you are thicker than I am (but still possess opposable thumbs to grasp a mouse) then there are some nice pictures for you to look at in the post: Photos based on experiments.

On a final note, I did come across another blog which held my attention for more than 5 minutes, and trust me, that's an achievement! It was: A Good Poop. OK, it was mostly because of the title, but there are some good posts too.

And after all, Chris had said to go with my gut....

Lola x


Anonymous said...

PS - Bsc does stand for Booze, Sex and Chocolate, yeah?

Chris said...

Unfortunately, BSc's tend to involve real work (unlike BA's), so there teds to be less booze. Us BSc bods tend to be somewhat geekier, so there's less of the sex, but the chocolate I can go with!

Anonymous said...

Good to know!
So a BA is more like a "Buggering About"?

Begs the question, what is a Phd, apart from sounding like a rude noise....

Hannah said...

Yay! Great blog to flag Lola, been lovin Dr Shock for a while now!

Want another contributer on board? I think I pass the first test - I am addicted to my blog! Check me out here: and let me know if you fancy my input!

Chris said...

Your interpretation of BA is correct.

PhD is Pretty Hard Draft


Hannah, you're welcome to join in - the more the merrier. drop me an email (Lola's got my address, and I'll add you to the list)

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