Friday, 21 November 2008

Week 2: Hannah's Choice for 'Teaching'

Wowee! What have I learnt this week? Teaching equals stress people!

As I ploughed through the blogosphere this week I've been blasted with more hot air than you would encounter from a dairy cow's behind!

It would appear our little darlings have been providing teachers with more than enough fodder to rant about. I came upon post after post from hair-pulling, pent-up, worn out educators.

My big blue neon arrow is pointing you towards Scenes from the Battleground, a blog about teaching in tough schools in the UK. The blog author, Old Andrew, is a secondary school teacher who confesses to loving his role as an educator but at the same time is "utterly dissatisfied" with the way the British education system is run.

Honest, frank, strongly opinionated, Scenes from the Battleground is admirably well researched, topical and rightly inspiring a large following. Ok, so it's already well-known but before you cast me down below, it was one of the best I came across and I couldn't help sharing it with you!
Complete with an interactive discussion forum this blog is an invaluable resource for teachers, and I recommend it to you as a great read.

Check out Old Andrew's tongue in cheek humour in The Driving Lesson and his alarming discussion on students intimidating teachers in Getting "Terrored".

To conclude, this is an eye-opener. A real insight into what goes on within the school gates. More of us need to be aware of what is actually happening in our country's schools these days!


Anonymous said...

Oh Hannah, what you trying to do with us? That's another blog to add to my Google reader! Ha ha but I bet Chapati subscribes too :)

Glad to have you on the team Han, and congrats on a great first review!

Lola x

MedicThree said...

I LIke! I promise I'm gonna get around to finding a blog to write up this week! Seems as though my whole life is behind schedule!

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