Saturday, 8 November 2008

Yet another intro post

Hey there, I suppose I should join the crowd and write an introductory post. I'm Nick, though go under the slightly more unusual blogger name of Nickopotamus (a long, but predictable, story). I maintain (quite a strong word) the latest incarnation of my web presence Dysphoric Mania, a place for me to rant about things that I like and don't like, and on rare occasions post something that might be of use to other people.

About me? Like almost everyone else, if not everyone else, involved in this project, I'm involved in EMS. I've been a member of St John Ambulance for what seems like forever, and currently even work for them on behalf of Yorkshire Ambulance Service. A lot of what I blog about is what is wrong in SJA! When not doing that, I also work as a healthcare assistant in the emergency medicine directorate at a major Yorkshire hospital, so I can't escape.

Once upon a time, I did do other things though. I did a degree in "science", though specialising in geophysics - you can check out my super duper thesis here. I have since been corrupted by my involvement with SJA and the oil industry, and decided to pursue a career in medicine. Fingers crossed, I've just applied to several graduate medicine courses, so we'll see how that goes.

I'm also a fully paid up member of the crazy community, and tend to blog about that quite a bit when I can find space in between angry complaints about the way SJA works. In fact, I get most of my traffic from one particular post about the side effects of Lamictal, which annoys me slightly.

I think that's about all there is to say. If you wish to know more, the afore mentioned blog can provide more information, and I'm pretty easy to facebook stalk (I even provide a direct link to my profile). On with the blog listings!

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Anonymous said...

I get at least one hit a day from someone searching for Snorting Lamotrigine

I find it quite worrying. My post was in jest, where do these people come from???

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