Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Hi, I'm Chapati,

About a year ago I inexplicably found myself writing a lot because I found it so theraputic. I got introduced to the blogging world through lots of medblogs like the ones Chris mentioned. I lurked for a while, then commented, then started a blog about 6 months ago, because sharing my writing with others was so much better than leaving it all un-recorded. I have really grown to love the blogging world; I love learning about people, and I really do think you get to learn about another dimension of a person through their writing. My blog doesn't really have a 'theme', I tend to just write about anything that is even remotely to do with me (or stuff that's nothing to do with me at all!)

I work in the big bad world of finance, am studying to be an actuary (8 - 11 exams to go!) and did Mathematics at University.

But there is far more to me than that - I do a lot outside work, and am unlikely to ever 'cut down!' Spending time with friends, family, reading, blogging, playing badminton, cycling, occasionally attempting other forms of exercise and volunteering for various charities...I love keeping busy!

My most enjoyable extra-curricular activity* is volunteering for St John Ambulance, and I have a keen interest in the medical world. And anything that is hands-on-helping people.

Don't ask why I voted to work in finance. It's a sore point!

Hope this blog will help you find blogs of interest/expand your readership!

*can you use that phrase after you've finished school?


Anonymous said...

Have we met somewhere before? :)

Anonymous said...

haha, hmm..sure we must have at some point!

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